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spinal osteoporosis

How to Protect Your Spine When You Suffer Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that can pose a threat to your entire skeletal structure—not only the spine. The word “osteoporosis” literally translates to “porous bone.” If you have osteoporosis, your bones will begin to lose their density, becoming progressively more fragile. Often, patients exhibit no symptoms for osteoporosis early on, which means that the disease can go undiagnosed until the patient suffers a fracture. Because the spine is such a vital centerpiece to the entire body, osteoporosis of the spine is especially worrisome and is something you should discuss at length with your doctor as soon as you have a diagnosis.

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Stretches and Exercises for Seniors Who Suffer from Sciatica

Sciatica—the term for back pain caused by problems with the sciatic nerve—can be an excruciating and debilitating condition. The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest spinal nerve in the body, running from the lower back down through the buttocks and thighs. As a result, any injury to the sciatic nerve—or any pressure put upon it—can cause pain to radiate throughout the back, hips, buttocks, and legs. The sciatic nerve even delivers nerve signals to the lower legs and feet, which means that a sciatic injury can affect the entire lower body.

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Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion in Houston

What Conditions Are Treated by Extreme Lateral Inter-body Fusion?

Millions of adults suffer from back pain every year. Most cases of back pain are related to degenerative conditions. These disorders can lead to instability and intrusion into the spinal cord as well as the nearby nerves, causing pain in the back or pain that radiates down the arms or legs. For most patients with chronic back pain, the initial treatment choices include conservative measures such as pain medications, rest, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. Sometimes, steroid injections may be used. These treatments work for many patients, but for others, they are not enough.

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stem cells for back pain in Houston

Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

Most Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, a majority of individuals will even miss work sooner or later because of back pain and disc herniations. Doctors and patients are always on the lookout for new and effective treatments, and stem cell treatment is a promising new method that could bring much-needed relief to millions of people suffering from chronic pain. If stem cell for back pain is as effectual as it appears it will be, it could even become instrumental in lessening the opioid epidemic currently causing the death of thousands of people in the US and harming many more.

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back surgery recovery

How to Speed Up Back Surgery Recovery Time

If you are planning to have back surgery in Houston in the near future, you may understandably be concerned about what to expect during the recovery period. Back surgery recovery essentially begins long before you find yourself in the recovery room. The good news is that if you have done everything you can before and after surgery, your recovery time should not be very long. Here are some tips for before and after your surgery to help minimize the amount of downtime you’ll need.

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stem cell in houston

Can Stem Cells Repair Traumatic Injuries?

Many athletes and doctors are turning to stem cell therapy to address sports injuries such as damaged knee ligaments and Achilles tendinopathy. Stem cell treatment is still experimental, and most sports medicine doctors do not consider it standard practice, but it is growing in popularity and continues to become more common as we learn more about it.

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spinal cord tumor

Why Is a Spinal Cord Tumor So Hard to Diagnose?

Spinal cord tumors are rare — so rare that primary spinal cord tumors account for only half of one percent of all diagnosed tumors. The rarity of a typically benign primary spinal tumor that originates in the spine also makes a spinal cord tumor difficult to diagnose. Why? Because the earliest spinal cord tumor symptoms are similar to symptoms of other more common back conditions.

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spinal cyst removal

What To Do For Spinal Cysts That Won’t Go Away

Spinal cysts are not a common condition of the spine, but they can be a source of back pain for some people. A cyst is a small, closed sac that can develop anywhere in the body and may form for any number of reasons. A cyst may contain air, fluid or semi-solid material. Many times, cysts go entirely unnoticed because they do not cause any symptoms.

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The Benefits and Expected Results of Arthrodesis (Joint Fusion)

If you suffer from arthritis that causes joint pain or disability, you are not alone. Arthritis affects nearly one quarter of all adults in America and is the leading cause of disability in the United States. There are more than 100 different types of this common cause of joint pain and discomfort, and it affects people of all ages, genders and ethnicities.

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