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Image of Dr Kushwaha Scoliosis Patient Breelon Bullock and his mother

Breelon’s Testimonial

I’m a 16-year-old athlete in high school so I’m not the typical patient for an orthopedic surgeon.  

Image of Dr Kushwaha with Spinal Fusion Patient Kenneth Cucksee

Kenneth’s Testimonial

I’ve had back problems for a really long time and I kept putting off going to see my doctor.

Image of Dr Kushwaha's Bulging and Slipped Disc Patient Sherry Hollis and her husband

Sherry’s Testimonial

I’ve always exercised, ate well and maintained an active lifestyle, but things changed for me while on a trip in Florida.  

Image of Dr Kushwaha Disc Fusion Patient Simone Lafollete

Simone’s Testimonial

A car accident in college left me with a bad back. In an effort to resolve my discomfort I had two surgeries.

Image of Dr. Kushwaha Sciatica Patient, Nobia Wright

Nobia’s Testimonial

I spend most of my days at a computer desk and during the course of a day I would stand up to relieve the pain, but found it hard to stand up.