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Image of Dr. Kushwaha with Sciatica Patient Nobia Wright

Nobia Wright – Sciatica


After looking back over my life, I could not remember if I injured myself. I spend most of my days at a computer desk and during the course of a day I would stand up to relieve the pain, but found it hard to stand up. While traveling home the pain would worsen, I dread the long traffic do my pain became sharp and then it would move to a shooting pain that would move down to my right leg. My smile was turning into a frown.

I love bowling, shooting pool and dancing, I was no longer able to do these things. I would just sit around the house, while everyone was enjoying life. I missed out on lots of activity with my daughter, who wanted me to be there for her in all her activity. In my daily activity I had to depend on a walking cane, follow by medication. I couldn’t bare the pain any longer and found myself in the emergency room where I was diagnosis with (Sciatica) from compression of a spinal nerve.

When I called Dr. Kushwaha’s office a polite voice answered. I took a leap of faith and scheduled the first available appointment in March. The amazing thing about the staff at Dr. Kushwaha, they are very kind, and return your call and answer any questions you have, big or small. Not once did I feel like I was bothering them by asking too many questions, they made me feel comfortable and I appreciated it. Also I was informed to go out on his web site and download a new patient package, which I was able to fill out at my convenience prior to my appointment. Dr. Kushwaha has videos you can watch on different surgery procedures, after watching his videos and reading reviews. I will be confident in Dr. Kushwaha if I had to have surgery.

When my husband and I met with Dr. Kushwaha, I explained my pain that I had for quit some years and provided a copy of my MRI. I knew immediately Dr. Kushwaha would be the one to help me from my long time suffering.   Dr. Kushwaha is very knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and a great listener.

Dr. Kushwaha, first order a current MRI showing all area of my back, then he said we will work on those area that’s causing my pain, Dr. Kushwaha, second prescribe medication, he mention also maybe physical therapy, third I was started on injection (conservatively). I appreciated his gentle approach. After all this had been done, surgery was my only option.

Dr. Kushwaha explained my procedure, the outcome, aftercare, pain management and physical therapy. He really made the effort to make sure I understood everything before, during and after the surgery.

When I woke up from my surgery, I was no longer in pain, I was now able to hold my bladder. That was an unexpected positive outcome for me! I did physical therapy there in the hospital for two days then I was released to take it easy for 6 weeks. I had pain medications prescribed when I needed. Anytime I called the office, the staff was on it. If you call that office and you leave a message they WILL return your call by the end of the day.

Dr. Kushwaha and his team are amazing, when my husband started having problems I told him, “Don’t go to nobody else, you’re going to Dr. Kushwaha” he called and got an appointment the next day! My friend’s from church told me I look like I’ve never even had a surgery. I’m really pleased with my results from Dr. Kushwaha. I’ll keep referring him to all my friends and family.

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