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What Is the Cure to Disc Degenerative Disease?

Almost everyone’s spine will show signs of wear and tear as they age. However, not everyone will end up with degenerative disc disease. Degenerative disc disease is not a disease per sè but rather a condition in which a disc is damaged and causing pain. Degenerative disc disease symptoms and severity vary widely among people with this condition.

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Why is Low Back Pain Such a Common Human Condition?

Our journey into understanding back pain begins at the dawn of civilization when humans first stood upright. Our sacroiliac joints, which rest vertically between our pelvis and our spine, were the key to allowing us to bend forward, walk with a bi-pedal gate, and walk upright.

Mother Nature, however, designed these kidney-shaped sacroiliac joints to carry all the weight of our upper body. Four-legged animals do not share the same issues. Horses distribute weight among all four legs, and thus, the joints are not weight-bearing. Humans tend to place significant stress on the sacroiliac joints, especially if there is a direct impact due to a fall.

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How to Protect Your Spine in Winter 2019

Spending time outside is, in general, very healthy. Sunshine helps our bodies produce vitamin D, which is essential for the body to be able to absorb calcium and maintain healthy muscles and bones. Fresh air benefits the lungs, immune system, digestive system, mind, and mood. Exercise delivers an almost endless list of benefits. Getting outdoors—whether for a walk around the block, a long run, or a game of catch in the yard—is one of the healthiest choices you can make daily. Unfortunately, as the weather gets colder, spending time outside also brings with it extra opportunities to tweak or injure the spine.

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physical therapy for back pain

How to Get the Most Out of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Have you been dealing with chronic back pain as of late? Are you recovering from back surgery or neck surgery? Are you getting over a back injury and slowly working your way back toward full mobility? If any of these situations apply to you, your doctor may recommend physical therapy to help speed your recovery and to give you a safe way to ramp up your exercise, range of motion, and overall day-to-day mobility. Physical therapy for back pain can help relieve or eliminate pain, foster proper healing, and get you back to full function.

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back surgery recovery

How to Speed Up Back Surgery Recovery Time

If you are planning to have back surgery in Houston in the near future, you may understandably be concerned about what to expect during the recovery period. Back surgery recovery essentially begins long before you find yourself in the recovery room. The good news is that if you have done everything you can before and after surgery, your recovery time should not be very long. Here are some tips for before and after your surgery to help minimize the amount of downtime you’ll need.

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spinal cord tumor

Why Is a Spinal Cord Tumor So Hard to Diagnose?

Spinal cord tumors are rare — so rare that primary spinal cord tumors account for only half of one percent of all diagnosed tumors. The rarity of a typically benign primary spinal tumor that originates in the spine also makes a spinal cord tumor difficult to diagnose. Why? Because the earliest spinal cord tumor symptoms are similar to symptoms of other more common back conditions.

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spinal cyst removal

What To Do For Spinal Cysts That Won’t Go Away

Spinal cysts are not a common condition of the spine, but they can be a source of back pain for some people. A cyst is a small, closed sac that can develop anywhere in the body and may form for any number of reasons. A cyst may contain air, fluid or semi-solid material. Many times, cysts go entirely unnoticed because they do not cause any symptoms.

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The Benefits and Expected Results of Arthrodesis (Joint Fusion)

If you suffer from arthritis that causes joint pain or disability, you are not alone. Arthritis affects nearly one quarter of all adults in America and is the leading cause of disability in the United States. There are more than 100 different types of this common cause of joint pain and discomfort, and it affects people of all ages, genders and ethnicities.

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FAQs About Cervical Disc Replacement

The cervical spine — the part of the spinal column commonly known as the neck — is comprised of seven bones called cervical vertebrae. Between the vertebrae lie cervical discs, which, much like the discs found throughout the rest of the spine, act as a cushion between the vertebrae and absorb shock, allowing the neck to move freely.

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