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What Steps Can a Young Adult Take Now to Avoid Back Pain in the Future

Did you know that the most common source of back pain is an injury caused by simply performing an everyday activity, such as lifting a box off the floor, the wrong way? Most of us will experience low back pain at some point in our lives, whether it be minor or severe. The good news is that preventing back pain isn’t difficult, and young adults who take the right steps now can prevent chronic back pain in the future.

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Can Back Pain Ever Go Away On Its Own?

Back pain can range from merely annoying to debilitating, but even when it’s truly painful, it may not necessarily be caused by something serious or require medical treatment. In fact, in about 90 percent of cases, back pain will actually resolve on its own.

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8 tips for managing back pain while traveling

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, dealing with back pain while on the road or in the air an take the joy out of traveling. If you suffer from chronic back pain, here are some tips to help you manage your back pain while traveling.

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5 surprising facts about the spine

The spine is an incredible part of the human anatomy. Known also as the vertebral column or spinal column, the adult spine is composed of 26 bones: 24 individual vertebrae that are interspaced with cartilage, plus the sacrum and the coccyx. The first seven vertebrae form the cervical spine (the neck); the thoracic spine (midback) consists of 12 vertebrae; and the lowest part of the spine, the lumbar spine, has five vertebrae.

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What Not to Eat if You Have Arthritis

Arthritis is a general term used to describe conditions that cause pain and inflammation in the joints. Medical experts have identified over 100 different types of arthritis — osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis among the most common — but, no matter the precise condition, standard treatment involves the use of anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications.

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Winter Weather and Your Back: 7 Causes of Winter Back Pain

Winter weather is here, and that means there’s an increased potential for back pain or weather-related injuries. Whether your back is healthy now or you’re living with existing back pain, winter can wreak havoc on your back with aches and pains, along with added hazards.

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In a Car Wreck? Don’t Wait to Receive a Medical Evaluation

Being involved in a car accident is a frightening experience, no matter how serious the wreck. Once the initial shock fades, you’re left dealing with police and first responders, insurance companies and a damaged vehicle. And even if you seem to have come through the experience unscathed, the adrenaline rush you feel in the moment may be masking the pain of an accident-related back or neck injury.

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Common Football Injuries and How They Are Treated

Baseball may be the national pastime, but football is America’s game. So much so that you don’t have to be a pro to get in on the action. Football is the number one high school sport in America, with more than one million players nationwide. At least one million more kids between the ages six and 12 play tackle football. And thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of adults also participate in the sport, from joining amateur leagues to playing pick-up games in parks and backyards across the country. But as much as we love the sport in America, there is one major drawback to life on the gridiron — injuries.

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