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Regenerative Cellular Therapy

Autologous Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) are found in specialized areas of many tissues, including bone marrow, heart, and brain. During the natural course of one’s life, they are recruited to replace cells lost over time, and facilitate repair due to injury. Advances in regenerative medicine have allowed clinicians to tap into the healing potential provided by these cells.

What is a stem cell?

Chart explaining stem cells


How are adult stem cells used during surgical procedures?

During a procedure, stem cells are isolated from the patient through a process called aspiration. The aspirate is derived from the patient’s iliac crest (pelvis) then it is concentrated and delivered back to the site of injury to amplify the natural mechanism for healing and anti-inflammation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my body reject the stem cells?

No, adult stem cells are from the patient’s body and are non-immunogenic. They do not cause a negative reaction.

What is the difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells?

Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells are obtained from the patient’s own body and therefore do not present any ethical issues. Because adult stem cells are noncontroversial their use in clinical settings has been widely accepted to treat a variety of conditions. 

Are there ethical issues associated with the harvesting of adult stem cells?

No, adult stem cells do not raise ethical issues as they are harvested from the patient’s own body.

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